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Pop-Up Locations:

114 N Elizabeth St
Chicago, IL 60607

1134 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL 60607


Rejuvenation Clinic

"It's not what is in the syringe that matters,
it's the injector."

We are a specialty rejuvenation clinic located in Chicago focused on helping you achieve the best version of yourself.

Using state-of-art technology, our highly trained staff and board-certified physicians will customize a treatment plan tailored to your goals.  


We offer the most cutting edge and innovative treatments in the Chicago area.


Schedule a consultation to talk about what treatments are right for you!

About Us

Experts you can trust
Board Certified

Aesthetica Chicago was formed by Adam Elshafei, MD and Anthony Del Priore, MD, board-certified physicians with years of experience in the medical field and passion for enhancing the lives of their patients  

Safety, Efficiency, & Results.  

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Adam Elshafei, MD

Our Aesthetic Specialist, Dr. Adam, creates individualized rejuvenation and aesthetic treatment plans for the achievement of each patient’s unique goals.

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Anthony Del Priore, MD

Dr. Anthony's Medical Aesthetic goals are to help everyone look and feel their best and I look forward to creating the treatment plan that is right for you.   

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TELEPHONE | 312- 672-2195

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