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Can men get lip injections?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Joyfully, we have seen a broader acceptance of different standards of beauty, the addition of male grooming, more awareness of androgyny, and a clearer understanding of gender identity. Undoubtedly, the adoption of a gender-inclusive strategy by large businesses entrusted to set trend direction has contributed to the decrease of stigma.

Men don't want to appear to have undergone any cosmetic surgery, therefore ladies may wish to add additional volume and plumpness to their lips. Some males could also decide to add a little volume, specifically if their lips are already thin or if their upper lip is thinner and tends to blend in with their facial hair.

The fact that men metabolize filler more quickly than women is important information for guys to know, but it's not the only thing. The intricacies of lip filler for males are explained in this article.

What is the difference between men getting lip injections?

The biggest distinction between men and women who receive lip injections is the desired outcome. Women frequently desire plumper lips and a bigger pout. Men, on the contrary side, seem to seek out the better physical form more frequently. This is not to imply that there aren't any males who occasionally desire larger lips to resemble the celebrity look. Choosing the right injector will result in the desired outcome.

Men and women receive lip injections using the same procedures, regardless of gender. Men could have a slight edge, though, as they often require lesser amounts to get benefits. Injections are a good option for both men and women if you want to stop face volume loss or just acquire bigger or more defined lips.

What do men expect from their lip injections?

Most guys desire subtle improvements. They want lips to be more defined and to have better contour or symmetry. The entire face is typically thought to provide males with the outcomes they desire, whether it is contouring, definition, or a mix of the two.

Some men choose non-surgical modifications due to changes in their lips with age. This is because lips get thinner with age and might reveal one's age, particularly if they have tiny lines all around their lips or smoker's lines. Fillers can also subtly hydrate them, which is especially helpful if they are suffering from age-related dehydration.

Other causes men use or contemplate fillers include: Men are receiving fillers in addition to minor lip augmentation to seem more rested and youthful. Injectables can make them look younger and more confident, which will help them stay more competitive. To soften lines and creases, they use fillers. Reduce jowls or minimize deep facial wrinkles. possess a more chiseled or defined facial profile, enhancing manly characteristics, and filling in the mid-face with volume.

What could be the possible side effects of men Lip fillers?

Side effects from lip fillers are limited. There are a handful of small hazards associated with the therapy, though. These are not all guarantees; the majority of side effects are mild and go away in a few days. If you bruise, it should go away with time just like any other bruise. The easiest approach to prevent this is to carefully select your injector.

Swelling is typical and subsides rather rapidly. To relieve any early swelling discomfort, apply an ice pack. Bleeding depends on the patient; this is not unusual. It's crucial to keep the area clean, and this typical consequence should go quickly.

Make sure you visit a doctor if you believe your lips are infected. It's conceivable that antibiotics might be used to treat it if discovered quickly. It's normal for filler to first appear a bit uneven; this might remain for between one and two weeks. Speak with your healthcare provider about this since they might suggest when to be worried.

Pain at the puncture site might develop after the numbness cream wears off and will likely accompany any bruise. Even if there is no need for concern, you should make an effort to keep the place clean to lower the risk of infection.

Are the fillers reversible?

Because hyaluronic acid fillers deteriorate over time, they are ideal for experimenting with more fullness without investing in anything long-term. If you are displeased with your new look, an enzyme known as hyaluronidase can be employed to break down the hyaluronic acid. Botox, which we normally not recommended for lip augmentation, is an exemption to this rule.

What are the tips for men to make their lips look fuller?

If you're still unclear whether a larger lip would suit you, consider augmenting your lips naturally. You won't obtain the same impact as with dermal fillers, but it will give you an idea of how you could appear following lip augmentation. Hydrating may make your skin seem younger and plumper, and the same is true for your lips. Stay hydrated and try to stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol can dry your body and make your lips appear smaller.

Shaving your beard or fuzz draws emphasis to your lips, resulting in them looking fuller. Furthermore, choose a gentle lip scrub or softly exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush to activate blood vessels and eliminate dead cells.

How long do the fillers last?

Dermal fillers can be changed regardless of how long lip fillers stay because they are not permanent. There are more things to think about. The rate at which the hyaluronic acid degrades may vary depending on your metabolism, the region injected, and your age.

Dermal fillers might last anywhere between six months and a year. The impact will fade with time, so you might wish to top up your dermal fillers after several months. Modern fillers lasting up to 12 months are an alternative and growingly popular choice.

Next Steps...

You can't overlook the lips since they can reveal your age if the rest of your face is structured but not your lips. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers might prove to be the perfect multitasker for males who are sick of lugging about a lip balm or are struggling with age-related dehydration. They provide you with the moisture you need to have smoother, less voluminous-looking skin.

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