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How To Pick The Best Injector

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

You wouldn't settle for your spouse. So, why should you settle for your injector?

What is an Injector?

An injector is someone who works at a medical spa and performs cosmetic injectables on patients. In order to be able to do injections, one has to be certified by the State. This means, one has to go through numerous trainings on models and pass many State exams in order to perform fillers on patients. Usually, registered nurses or doctors will go through this additional training in order to open their own medical spas.

Nurse Practitioner vs Doctor

The best way to choose an injector is by determining who your injector is. Is your injector a nurse practitioner? Or is your injector a doctor? Would you rather be more comfortable with someone who has only had one or two years of experience? Or would you be more comfortable with someone who has had plethora of years of medical experience?

Doctors typically go through more training than nurse practitioners. This is important, because injections can come with risks-- like any other medical procedure.

The Risks with Injections.

Some types of fillers-- like liquid rhinoplasty and infraorbital-- are extremely risky procedures. Why can they be risky? Because if they're not done properly, they can pose the risk of vision loss. Those types of fillers should be practiced by a doctor. Board certified doctors know how to execute those "risky" fillers with proper care and diligence.

Who is Dr. Adam?

Dr. Adam is the injector at Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic. Dr Adam is a board certified cosmetic doctor. Before Aesthetica, Dr. Adam previously worked as an Emergency Room Physician. So, he has plenty of experience.

Our patients are comfortable with Dr. Adam doing their injections, because of his background and expertise. He is extremely careful, and makes safety his number one priority. At Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic, you are in the right hands.

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