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What is Infraorbital Filler?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In short, it's like concealer that you never have to take off!

What is Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic?

We are a specialty rejuvenation clinic located in West Loop, Chicago focused on helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Using state-of-art technology, our highly trained staff and board-certified physicians will customize a treatment plan tailored to your goals.

Aesthetica Chicago was formed by Adam Elshafei, MD and Anthony Del Priore, MD, board-certified physicians with years of experience in the medical field and passion for enhancing the lives of their patients.

What is Infraorbital Filler?

Infraorbital Filler is a treatment designed to reduce aging around the eye area. The entire procedure lasts around 15 minutes. During the procedure, Restylane filler is injected in the infraorbital area. Infraorbital Filler is also used to treat facial symmetry.

When Should I Begin Receiving Infraorbital Filler?

Even though many patients begin treatments as early as their mid twenties, treatments can begin at any stage. Book a free consultation if you have any concerns of:

  • Aging (fine lines and wrinkles)

  • Dark circles

  • Facial Symmetry

Is Infraorbital Filler Safe?

Infraorbital Filler is an extremely safe procedure under the guidance of a medically trained professional. Before receiving this treatment, it is important to find an injector that is board certified and makes safety a priority.

The Risks with Injections.

Some types of fillers-- like liquid rhinoplasty and infraorbital-- are extremely risky procedures. Why can they be risky? Because if they're not done properly, they can pose the risk of vision loss. Those types of fillers should be practiced by a doctor. Board certified doctors know how to execute those "risky" fillers with proper care and diligence.

Who is Dr. Adam?

Dr. Adam is the injector at Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic. Dr Adam is a board certified cosmetic doctor. Before Aesthetica, Dr. Adam previously worked as an Emergency Room Physician. So, he has plenty of experience.

Our patients are comfortable with Dr Adam doing their injections, because of his background and expertise. Dr. Adam is extremely careful, and makes safety his number one priority. At Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic, you are in the right hands.


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