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An Alternative to Liposuction: Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

One of our laser services at Aesthetica Med Chicago is body contouring with Accent Prime! Accent Prime is an Alma laser used the deliver ultrasonic and radio frequency waves to the skin to burn fat and tighten the skin in a desired area. Body contouring is a non invasive treatment that is used for those with stubborn fat, cellulite, or loose skin that need a little rejuvenation! The FDA-approved procedure tones and contours the face, neck, abdomen, thighs, arms, and more. This treatment is safe, effective and suitable for all skin types.

For a long time, liposuction has been the go-to solution for individuals who want to lose weight quickly. Not only does it promise near-instantaneous results, it also prevents sudden and unexpected weight gain, or at least keeps it at bay. However, liposuction was and still is very costly, and not to mention quite dangerous. Thankfully, invasive weight-loss procedures are no longer the only way to lose weight quickly, and alternatives have become a part of the beauty and wellness industry that competes against conventional liposuction procedures in terms of popularity.

Laser fat removal is one of the most popular ‘instant' weight loss solutions out there today. The laser system uses a moveable ‘laser gun' with pads that allow it to target specific areas of the body to heat up and destroy fat cells. Unlike liposuction, the method is painless, non-invasive, and does not require anesthetic.

Here are a list of benefits for Body Contouring:

Near-instantaneous results with the Alma laser Accent Prime body contouring system, you can have immediately noticeable results after just one session!

Precise fat burning – this laser prides itself on precision and is able to target problem areas that are otherwise inaccessible or difficult to correct with just regular diet and exercise.

Multiple benefits – not only does it burn unwanted fat, but it also tones loose skin!

Pain-free – Not only does it eliminate fat cells naturally, but it does so painlessly and without any anesthesia.

Cost-effective – because the procedure is naturally geared towards people who are looking to refine only specified areas of the body, or for people who only need to lose a few pounds here and there, you won't have to invest in a fortune to obtain your desired results.

While it does kill fat cells, these will eventually be replaced by new fat cells, if proper maintenance and upkeep is not practiced weight can be regained.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your new figure and to ensure that it stays that way for as long as possible:

Optimize your diet – consider changing to a healthier diet, this should be done at your discretion and with the help of a trusted nutritionist.

Maintain a healthy exercise routine – to ensure that the fat you've lost doesn't sneak up on you, develop or maintain a good exercise program oriented towards weight management.

Repeat sessions – it must be said, however, that no matter how well you take care of your body with the help of diet and exercise, there is a possibility that some fat will return. If you feel it is necessary, you can always opt for a repeat session to deal with the new problem area.


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