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Skin Resurfacing With Opus Plasma

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

What is Aesthetica Rejuvenation Clinic?

We are a specialty rejuvenation clinic located in West Loop, Chicago focused on helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Using state-of-art technology, our highly trained staff and board-certified physicians will customize a treatment plan tailored to your goals.

Aesthetica Chicago was formed by Adam Elshafei, MD and Anthony Del Priore, MD, board-certified physicians with years of experience in the medical field and passion for enhancing the lives of their patients.

Opus Plasma Treatment

Opus Plasma treatment is a skin resurfacing treatment used to achieve a younger, healthier and smoother looking skin. This treatment combines plasma technology with high-frequency voltage equipment, controlled by the doctor, therefore you can choose if you want to receive a mild or more aggressive treatment. Aesthetica is the only practice is in Chicago with a fractional laser, this can be used for stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, surgical scar removal, acne, wrinkles and fine lines. Opus Plasma works by jumpstarting your skin's natural collagen production through a wound-healing response, similar to micro-needling, but mircro-plasma reduces unwanted inflammation. The entire procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes, and makeup can be applied within 5 days after treatment. You can expect results to last as long as 3 years.

What areas can be treated?

This treatment can be used on numerous areas, including the face, neck and body. The Opus Plasma can be used much closer to the eye than lasers, making it ideal for addressing fine lines and crows-feet.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

Because you are able to control the intensity of this treatment, anyone is able to get it. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, surgical scar removal, or want younger looking skin, Opus skin resurfacing treatment is for you!

Schedule a consultation with us today for a better you tomorrow!

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